Why You Need Regular Medical Check-ups

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With many things in life, “if it’s not broke don’t fix it” is sage advice. When it comes to your health, nothing could be further from the truth. Regular medical check-ups are not only a good idea, they could potentially save your life. Here are five reasons you should visit your doctor annually.


  1. General maintenance – Why do you change the oil in your car every 3,000 to 5,000 miles? To maintain the life of the vehicle. Similarly, visiting the doctor annually can help you to stay healthy longer. This means keeping up-to-date on vaccines and important medical screenings.
  2. Get a baseline – Visiting your doctor regularly can give you a clearer understanding of what is normal and abnormal for your health. Simple readings like your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, pulse and weight will give you a gauge to measure your health over the years. If there is a significant change in these numbers, you can do something about it before it is too late.
  3. Create records – Similar to creating a baseline, visiting the doctor gives you medical records that can be vital if you have a serious medical condition. These records will tell a physician who does not normally treat you about any health concerns they should be aware of if you are unable to provide this information for yourself. Additionally, it can alert them to any allergies or other issues that could cause problems in your treatment plan.
  4. Establish a doctor-patient relationship – Having a comfort level with your physician is an important part of building trust and helping to create an appropriate treatment plan as issues arise. This relationship is something that is built over time and plays a vital role in your medical care over the years.
  5. Prevent illness – Regular check-ups allow you to undergo preventative care that could reduce the risk of serious conditions. This simple step can help you to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce your medical expenses as you age.


At Peoria Women’s Health, our goal is to provide our patients with the best possible care every time they visit us. We value the relationships we have with our patients and work hard to ensure that your needs always come first. Our caring staff is here to address your concerns and care for you in every stage of your medical journey.